Myanmar troops attack minority militia in north

The Kokang incident is a violent conflict that broke out in August 2009 in the Kokang Special Region (also known as Special Region 1) of northern Shan State, in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s military regime has attacked Kokang militia members in the area along the border with China, prompting many to take refuge in southern China and Kokang militia members surrender their weapons to Chinese authorities.

The Myanmar military has demanded that all groups disarm by October. The Kokang militia group is the smallest and most vulnerable in northern Myanmar, with about 1,000 to 1,500 members. With them out of the way, the regime would probably go after other opposition and militant groups in the area.

Refugees who had crossed to the border town of Nansan were being housed in tents or other makeshift shelters and authorities were providing them blankets, medical care and other necessities, Chinese state media reports said.

source :,0,4841699.story

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