A New Internet Service Provider By End of May

Text of report in English by Burmese newspaper The Myanmar Times website on 19 May  .

A new internet service provider (ISP), to be launched at the end of May. The new Hanthawaddy ISP will become the largest in the country, said a spokesperson from the Information and Technology Department of Myanma Post and Telecommunications (MPT) last week.

Alcatel Shanghai Bell Company acted as a technical consultant for this ISP, which represents an investment of about 2.3m US dollars,” said the spokesman, adding that the ISP would be located at the MPT’s own building near Hanthawaddy roundabout in Kamaryut township.

The new ISP will provide internet services to subscribers from all states and divisions except Yangon, he said. Subscribers in Yangon will continue to be serviced by MPT’s own Mayangone ISP.

The new ISP will be linked to Yadanarbon teleport in Mandalay, and also to a regional ISP in Hong Kong, which is connected to other international service providers.

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